We Need a Mass Left Protest Movement 

It seems strangely late in the day to invoke a mass left protest movement. Why the paralysis? Is the request for reform or revolution? The problem is that such a movement has no legacy left in Marxism and has been kidnapped by Gandhians determined to fail. We have produced a revolutionary (or reformist) format that can address these issues with a new formulation. But the mass hypnosis of late capitalism, a subject with obscure techniques that elude us, have produced behavior against self-interest. But the basic point is correct: a mass protest movement, one that can challenge power and do more than wave placards in the streets (where that is still legal)…

Which is: Where is the protest on these and related crises from working Americans and immigrants? I mean, sure, there are the usual smattering of small, scattered, and mostly single-issue protests led by nonprofit advocacy groups and the like here in Boston and around the country. But that’s taken as mere background noise by the elites running the corporate-dominated oligarchy now standing in for the representative democracy people once aspired to have in the US. A polity now well on its way to becoming a billionaire-ruled techno-feudalist state, as a growing number of political scientists from across the political spectrum are warning.

Source: We Need a Mass Left Protest Movement – CounterPunch.org

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