After 1989 the yankee hyaenas plus CIA behind a lot of fine words conspired to destroy Russia…as we see they succeeded…

The Marxist left gets off scot-free from the legacy of Bolshevism but Marxists should in honor take responsibility for their legacy and consider the way the limits of Marx, of Marxism, of Lenin, of Bolshevism, of Stalin, and the endgame with a Putin are all of a piece and that the calamity keeps on giving with the super idiocy of the Ukraine mess. It is almost impossible to create a democracy in that confusion (and as we see Ukraine almost pulled it off). Russia was cursed from the start with the refusal of Marx to make explicit his intentions and the result is the fast track to Stalinism. And the absence of a liberal bourgeois legacy of democratic revolution left it prey to all sorts of plug-the-void monstrosities, topped off with a Stalinist coup de grace. Putin inherits that hidden hatred of democracy that ended up distorting Bolshevism.

Strange as it might seem our DMNC model can help here: it is only a tool beside any actual realization in practice and it works just as well with trainwrecks as with up and coming bourgeois capitalist cases. From that angle, the only solution to the Russian case is some form of ‘democratic socialism’ after the manner of our model which is more than those two terms and the distorted versions now current. But the point is that democracy isn’t going to work in Russia, and Bolshevism is certainly a dead duck. But the DMNC model is a sort of trompe l’oeil in a benign sense that creates an honest hybrid that is a liberal system remorphed into a socialist neo-communism and vice versa.
Russians surely detest Bolshevik communism, but as events have shown the passage to democracy aborted even as the expropriated elements of state capitalism were dissipated most unwisely into the pockets of the oligarchs. Start over and do it again, but do it right this time. In that context democracy will start to take root, a sane economy based on our market neo-communism with a Commons can produce a robust economic foundation and with a view to passing beyond oil addiction. The model can help where the subject is allergic to democracy and has suffered terminal brain death from Bolshevik super idiocy. That requires another revolution, but in a way, that revolution has a history as a starting point. Put away the Marxist legacy and start over with a new script, and inch up to what in the end is probably the last resort for post-communist derelicts like the Russian case. Although I have spent two decades critiquing ‘end of history’ arguments, now I sometimes wonder, but the ‘end’ seeks a hybrid, you can’t go backwards, but what is backwards, doemocracy or socialism: an ex-Bolshevik failure doesn’t preempt the coming future beyond liberal capitalism which is competing at the endgame with barbarism, and NOT democratic so-called capitalism a la the Yankee doodledopia now starting into its evening gloom and probable endstate barbarism in an alt-fascist garbage dump. The future demands getting democracy right, but perhaps that as we see now requires socialism to make it work.

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