the flaws in the manifesto that have crippled its future…//The Communist Manifesto Shows Why Capitalism Won’t Last Forever

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An interesting article on the Communist Manifesto but it reiterates the confusion on the (Marxist) left as to the scientific view of history and the historical materialism that has confused the issue of socialist action…The early dramatic effect of the Manifesto inexorably waned as the critics of its perspective mounted their critiques, often without rejecting socialist thinking.

Our The Last Revolution tries to rescue the Manifesto from its self-crippling character with a new way to take history and an exit strategy from the false scientific claims of Marx that ended up discrediting the whole action.

Published this day in 1848, The Communist Manifesto didn’t offer blueprints for a communist future. But in showing that capitalism is not eternal or natural, Marx and Engels explained how the crises of the present prepare the way for our future liberation. (we distinguish ‘socialist markets’, markets inside a socialist system but in a system of postrevolutionary/reformist connected to a commons, from ‘socialist markets’, a version with many texts arising in the wake of the post-Mises calculation debate).

Source: The Communist Manifesto Shows Why Capitalism Won’t Last Forever

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