china stumbled into a limited version of our DMNC model…//China Between Communism and Capitalism | The Nation

The Chinese model persisted where Russian bolshevism failed because it stumbled into our DMNC universe where the place of ‘markets’ in a communist system, which had never been properly analyzed in classic Marxism, was taken in a different way. Unfortunately, the result is a corrupted hybrid that embedded capitalism inside a fake communism with no democratic potential. But the Chinese saw that the capitalist market nexus was not the same as the more general issue of markets. China is really a neoliberal ‘ communist’ fake inside the capitalist world system. But they saw or allowed themselves to act in seeming contradiction to the classic and misleading legacy.
In our DMNC model we can allow ‘socialist markets’ inside a larger system of a Commons of expropriated capitals. These markets are not however capitalist invasions of global capital but entities connected to a Commons: there is thus a completely ignored middle terra incognita where a nexus of markets operating inside a system of (neo-) communist macroeconomy (and planning as a parallel universe. Such a system can stop in its tracks the virtually neo-colonialist entanglement of the Chinese version with global capital.

The history of the country’s relationship with the market is filled with conflicting narratives.

Source: China Between Communism and Capitalism | The Nation

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