Political Ponerology, Dulles, US domination by CIA and the take over by the psychopaths

Political Ponerology

Source: Gestapu: How the US Used an Indonesian Massacre to Deepen the Sino-Soviet Split – CounterPunch.org

Source: Gestapu: How the US Used an Indonesian Massacre to Deepen the Sino-Soviet Split  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

The study of ‘ponerology’ and pathocracy is fairly recent (as to terminology) and, beside the relevance to Soviet systems and fascism, the article today on Indonesia and the massacres engineered by the US with Dulles in the background is one of multiple explicit cases in US history, especially since the creation of the CIA by that super idiot, Truman. The number of such incidents has escalated since that time to the point of making a sordid mockery of US political pretensions. The core problem existed from the start but since the onset of the covert agency era the crime scenes have multiplied. The study of the spread of psychopaths into the social, political and economic spheres is telling. The worse aspect is the way these people can corrupt public consciousness by establishing the ‘new normal’ and we and we can see for example how the James Bond films work so well to cover the situation with propaganda (not that the tactic was original given the legacy of cowboy/Indian Hollywood). It is hard to find a more pathological case than Dulles (who probably ended up rigging the JFK assassination, Kennedy planning to destroy the CIA).

The works of Machiavelli, strictly pre-modern studies of ‘political ponerology’, so to speak, have been turned into a canon of political mafias in an extreme version of the originally somewhat naive Italian republican.

American democracy has been trapped into a criminal organization of…psychopaths, and others forced to sing the tune of the new masters.

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