China’s Tibetan holocaust dooms its brand of communism…we must move on and the Chinese must dismantle such a grotesque version of marxism

The Tibetan Holocaust by the Chinese ‘communists’ is a warning to socialists that their aims may be unrealizable in the Marxist terms which generated so much mass murder and genocide.
The puzzle is that the benign thinking of Marx concealed a strange malevolence. The dangers of reductionist scientism as a social philosophy matched with an economic mono-focus proved fatal to what should be a simpler task of socialist construction, at the right moment and the right thinking.

Our DMNC model as ecological socialism disowns the Marxist legacy completely, but in a way can then learn from it, but reconstruction from scratch is essential. The droning trance of Marx groups enfeebled and crippled goes on and on. A new start with a new perspective could easily realize socialism under the right conditions. But the Stalinists are already there and may not know themselves as they become a Marxist bourgeoisie, as deadly as the capitalists.
Let us grant the systematic emergence of cruelty, violence and malevolent genocide was a product of the Russian Civil War abetted by the capitalist hyaenas descending on the Bolsheviks from all directions. But the way beyond that must be found.
The coming climate crisis demands we get smart about revolutions, socialism and declare the captured legacy of the early socialists by the ruthless Marx is a dead end: the birth of the socialist idea had little to do with Marx who seized control of an idea and made it a religious fanaticism.

Source: THE YOGIS OF TIBET – Rare Documentary Film – YouTube – The Gurdjieff Con

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