Darwin and the tragedy of science…//Darwin’s Reticence: On the Origin of a Book 

Last week we discussed a new book about to appear accusing Darwin of plagiarizing Patrick Mathew, and there is an outstanding debate over the suspicious incident of Wallace’s Ternate letter. The charges of plagiarism two times over set the whole question in a mystery.
But whatever the case Darwin created a tragic mess out of evolution and we are still stuck with it. The fallacy of natural selection has created a social monstrosity that professional con men in the universities enforce as a religious dogma in the context of the capitalist fixation on social Darwinism as a legitimation of competition in economic systems.

Let’s be clear: the entire professional cadre, more or less, of professional biologists, and most other scientists in tow, along with much of the general public which dares no dissent, is stuck in pseudo-science based on the statistical absurdity of natural selection. And this has gone on for over a century with virtually no avenue of dissent. The reputation of science can never quite recover from this farce and now slowly but surely the whole paradigms is starting to collapse. We must be careful to stop being conned in the name of science.
Here Marx has also confused the issue: he challenged theories that were really ideology, and Darwinism is just such a case, and yet he also succumbed to farce, perhaps with cunning as he saw the rising tide of professional dogma and conformity overtake the question.

Darwin was a strange sort of dunce, and his suspected plagiarism make him a crook as well.

Even Darwin would be aghast at what the world has made of a mere abstract that he was almost pathologically ambivalent about ever publishing.

Source: Darwin’s Reticence: On the Origin of a Book | Evolution News

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