good guys, bad guys?..///How Buddhism has changed the west for the better  

No mention here of the path to enlightenment, Mahayana and Hinaya and the buddhist civil war, the path of the Bodhisatwas that puts buddhists on a treadmill, the rumors from various yogis like Rajneesh of the fascism of hidden ‘buddhist’ sources (and others), the svengali drone creation of Hitler types (the latter plausibly deniable!)….
Buddhism like Christianity will slowly pass away and find a secondary remake, no doubt, just as Buddhism was a remake of Hinduism…

We are not who we were very long ago. A lot of new ideas have emerged from Buddhism and other traditions emphasizing compassion, equality, nonviolence and critical perspectives on materialism and capitalism

Source: How Buddhism has changed the west for the better | Rebecca Solnit | The Guardian

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