When the communists ruled in Bavaria

This history is a perfect example of the way Marxists have bungled every opportunity they had. We have explored the reasons many times here; the whole morass of theory has left Marxists so confused they can’t see the obvious steps needed to create a viable postcapitalism. The real problem is a constitutional task requiring definition in the manner of a recipe, not a theory. It requires free agents in history to apply principles of socialist justice and economy with a democratic outcome, an ecosocialist matrix and a new set of economic rights. Instead, at every point minds confused by Marxism have fumbled the ball and this case in Germany is a perfect example.

In November 1918, Germany exploded into revolution. In the spring of 1919, the working class succeeded in seizing power and declaring a Bavarian Soviet Republic. In its short, heroic lifetime, the republic had to fight not only against open counter-revolution, but also against the results of its own inexperience

Source: When the communists ruled in Bavaria | History & Theory | Audio & Video

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