Marxist idiocy and theory pseudoscience…//Marxism Contra Justice | Datacide

Marxists have made a fetish of this oulala ‘insight’ of Marx who in fact was a muddled theorist in his mode of reductionist scientism. It is small wonder that even many Marxists don’t toe the line here, or else don’t understand the hopeless muddle of Marx’s thinking.
It is simply madness to deny a socialist movement a handle on issues of social justice. How did this nonsense gain a foothold? In fact the problem pervades the whole of Marx’s work and his obsession with theory and the useless claims his work was a science. A new Socialism needs to bypass the whole field of Marx idiots peddling a ‘theory’ that is a complete pseudo-science. The quote from Victor Serge points to some historical dynamic moving beyond individuals but such thinking is useless and served to turn Bolsheviks into dangerously confused and violent perpetrators of Marx theory delusions. Marx struggled for decades on this theory and suffered writer’s block in his endless delays, and inability to make his theory work or complete the unfinished mess of Capital. He finally gave up and his last photographs show a kind of sadness of a job that had suffered wreckage as the confused mess was handed to Engels to patch together some kind of holy book.
A socialist platform needs an idea of justice and of free historical agents freely within limits realizing a level of social justice.
The whole Marxist corpus should be left behind here and a new simpler approach basis created. Many ideas in the Marxist canon can be used, e.g. the study of ideology and theory and the strange way Marx made the mistake he critiqued in his earlier studies of the economists. Marx’s theory is an ideological propaganda masquerading as science after the fashion of the economists he so harshly critiques.
Marxists have everything possible to confuse the public on the left and at this point the whole compilation of junk needs to be left behind. We are running out of time, and the prospect of Marxists getting their act together seems remote. Marxists and Marx’s theorists have wasted every opportunity they ever had to produce a postcapitalism that could work.

Neither Karl Marx nor his immediate successors based their critique of capitalism on an ideal of justice.

Source: Marxism Contra Justice | Datacide

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