Repost: Venezuela needs to finish the revolution, and soon…how about our DMNC? a solution tailormade for the Bolivarian impasse 

As noted in previous post we have dozens of posts on Venezuela and our model for a neo-communism.”>”>
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We have suggested a dozen times ways for Venezuela to proceed but the problem is the failure of the left to have ever produced a real path to real socialism/communism. The left has no path to socialism and Venezuela reflects that in the way it idles at the threshold, unable to move. As it follows the Marxist/Leninist path its failure ceertain. The Bolivarian result, as with Sanders talking about ‘socialism’, is a blindness to the task at hand: constructing a viable postcapitalism. After all the talk about socialism, the Bolivarian revolution was not revolutionary.  The fault lies with the Marxist package which is misleading.  But there is a way to break the deadlock here. We can point to a simple exit strategy: something on the order of our ‘democratic market neo-communism’, beginning with the expropriation of the large-scale capital system. From there Venezuela is ideally poised to move to a real neo-communism. But the longer it waits the more confused the situation. It might help to simply forget oil, or at least use it temporarily as a transitional resource. Goodbye to it. Instead create a simple set of structures to feed and support the population, begin to rapidly expropriate the outstanding bourgeoisie, start to create something like our suggested system which involves planning and socialist markets, and start to balance the economy with diversification. This way the issue of sanctions can be rendered irrelevant. Needless to say, the working class factions here could lead the way, but this kind of model can be a multiclass operation, as long as a real postcapitlism is envisioned… This is merely a new focus: I am in no real position to presume advice, only a new framework beyond the sterile Marxist thinking.

Source: Venezuela needs to finish the revolution, and soon…how about our DMNC? a solution tailormade for the Bolivarian impasse – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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