Venezuela/Maduro (text via marxmail) and our DMNC model: the failure of Marxism? Marxists are incompetent…

We have commented many times on the way that Venezuela, confronting socialism via Marxist thinking, is seemingly stalled on the threshold of that outcome. This is more a critique of Marxists/Marxism than of Venezuela. But the Marxist package is consistently misleading to anyone with an opportunity to construct a socialist framework.
We have suggested many times that a more viable approach to socialism is possible via our DMNC model which could so easily jumpstart a new kind of economy that is socialist, and in the process proceed to a democratic neo-communism with socialist markets. The DNMC model is almost tailormade for this kind of situation stuck between capitalism and (neo-) communism. Here is a link to find the posts at this blog…:
We will repost one article after this post…
Marxists are incompetent and in the over twenty years since the period of Chavez Venezuela has been stuck in the wrong definitions of Marxists who have never, not once, been able to offer any real help;
From the original in Spanish:
Revocar a Maduro o construir una referencia: ¿Cuál es la prioridad para la izquierda revolucionaria hoy?

Revoke Maduro or build a reference: What is the priority for the revolutionary left today?
Luis Romero January 26, 2022

Halfway through the constitutional mandate of President Nicolás Maduro on January 10, three right-wing groups submitted requests to the National Electoral Council (CNE) for the activation of a recall referendum on the president, based on article 72 of the Constitution of the Republic Bolivarian of Venezuela. Throughout the year 2021, numerous voices from the right and left had been raising the need to mobilize the population to activate said constitutional mechanism.

What happened in the last regional and municipal elections, where the sum of votes captured by the separate right-wing blocs exceeded those of the PSUV and allied forces by 9 percentage points (54.3% compared to 45.7%), and the electoral victory of the pro-imperialist opposition in the state of Barinas, despite government maneuvers to prevent it, reflected two things: first, the ruling party has been losing electoral support from its social bases, after almost nine years administration of the crisis of national rentier capitalism to the detriment of the working people; and secondly, the right, due to political clumsiness or the result of Maduro’s Bonapartist maneuvers, has not been able to take advantage of this situation, finding itself fragmented into at least three blocks that are not ready to converge in the short term.

All of the above occurs in a country devastated by an economic and social crisis without precedent in the region, which has sunk GDP by 80% in the last 8 years, with the highest levels of inflation in the world (in the process of decelerating). ), which has plunged international reserves by 72% since 2014 and has crushed the general living standards of the absolute majority of the population. In this way, almost all the conquests achieved by the revolutionary process of the first decade of the 21st century have been reduced to nothing, which – although stopped from above – awakened millions of men and women to political life and popular organization. At present, the whole situation has turned into its opposite, the result of the betrayal of Maduro and the leadership of the PSUV to the aspirations of the popular masses, who resist the bureaucratic stagnation of all instances of political participation, as well as the criminalization and judicialization of their legitimate struggles.
…. etc…

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