worst idea this month?…//Getting Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche Talking

I have not read the book but I am suspicious from the start. In any case what will you do to those who disagree here? Liquidation a la Marxism turning into Stalinism? Marxists turned Stalinists were very deadly to dissenters. Throw in Nietzsche and the result could be grotesque. Perhaps this combination will be a. a dismissal of legacy Marxism, or, b. a truly deadly new poison. In fact, the combination could cause the whole Marxist left to collapse. Good bye to all that; we should start over.

Armies on battle fields use flags and uniforms to make clear who is who. Any mixture would have deadly results. The combination of Marx and Nietzsche would be shoot on sight for many people. The danger of incomprehensible violence is real. Nietzsche is a popular figure for some because his style is brilliant, and, to make confusion worse, he has been sanitized by various scholars such as Kauffman. But in a way that simply creates more confusion.

I cannot quite fathom this strange combination, but in my the Last Revolution I am critical of Marxism and suggest leaving it behind. Marx and Engels produced a kind of core heroic saga of the future of postcapitalism, but their work is flawed and a little Nietzsche is preposterous. The left needs to leave behind these two ghosts, and concentrate on a socialism without dead celebrities. I was a big fan of Nietzsche my first two years of college, then it faded away, and then I studied Marxism years later. Is this a freshman/sophomore term paper here? Kauffman was the key man on Nietzsche at that point and rescued him from his many detractors. Is that what we have here?

Such a combination could produce insanity. Marxists have made a cult of Marx, now what? how make a cult of Marx and Nietzsche? Truly a mess of pottage. Maybe the two would cancel out and leave the mad stalin cult in the lurch. Why not do something sensible: take the whole history of philosophy as a history and create a new left beyond fixations over Marx, Hegel, and now apparently Nietzsche.
And in that history we see the figure of Kant towering over Hegel and Marx, and the instant decadent, Nietzsche who is really quite the rascal boy making faces at Herr Professor Kant. The reaction against idealism was off the mark: the resolution is still an unfinished task as Marxism slides into irrelevance because the public won’t buy Marx’s bad theories. Kant is really the introduction of a classic Advaita yoga into Western philosophy. Maybe he was onto something. He maybe right: the mind constructs space/time???  The creation of socialism doesn’t really have to decide such a question. In any case the materialism of Marx is a dead duck.

Maybe a future socialism will produce its won yogis. The issue of materialism isn’t so important any more: in the context of science now at quantum field theory it gets demoted but still can be a useful general framework, seen to be incomplete. But with the ‘ideal’ the ghosts come back, and the ghosts of Marx and Nietzsche are quite deadly.
Nuts? It is impossible to discuss anything anymore with Marxists, and a little Nietzsche won’t help. Mixed with Marx, Marxism will dissolve in acid. OK, so let’s move on. Neither one will lead us to socialism. The age of Kauffman on Nietzsche sanitized his crypto-fascism: but his place in the emergence of fascism can’t be fixed.

The eonic model (see the Last Revolution, or Decoding world history) suggests looking at periodizations in history instead of kiddie mudpies as philosophical Opinion. Examine the whole from the Presocratics to Plato to Kant, and then very carefully examine the post-Kantian field. Take the suchness of the elements of the history of philosophy to create a larger socialist culture.
Note: Nietzsche had many interesting ideas, taken a la cart: e.g. his critique of Darwinism disguised almost…He spotted the problem but seems to have equivocated…

Karl Marx believed in the self-emancipation of the working class, while Friedrich Nietzsche had nothing but disdain for the masses. But a provocative new book claims the two thinkers can be read together to develop a socialism for today.

Source: Getting Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche Talking

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