covid pandemic: yankee doodle imperial genocide comes home…//A Hegelian Case for Vaccine Mandates 

Fascinating article, and I can’t comment on the spot. A dark cloud floats overhead, however: everyone who uses Hegel gets confused, the worst case being Marx who tried to escape Hegel. My motto is, back to Kant, speaking for a foundational basis for a sane political socialism…But…with Hegel, always but… Noone notices Kant’s far subtler ‘dialectic’ in his triads all over the place, starting with his three critiques…

The issue of mandates gyrates in a void (here’s the link to the stoplight metaphor of Chomsky: after so much secular humanism, we have no real philosophy of freedom as figures like Kant who laid a foundation is deepsixed by two super mediocrities, Hegel and Marx. Hegel was however a strange fish, and our eonic model instantly highlights his mysterious place in history. The same could be said of Marx, etc… After all the confusion, the libertarians apply the coup de grace: total rightist sabotage.
Hegel, of course, was a rightist. How many know his take on the politics of abolition, after all the triadic talk talk about freedom. Marx rightly saw red with this Prussian Dennis the Menace.

Let me note my prejudice against Hegel: few who read him study Schopenhauer who in a monumental wrathful contempt accused Hegel of confusing an entire generation of thinkers.

But Hegel raises the issue of triadic logic. I have no idea if he got it right, but …

Maybe the Chinese got it right! Look at the case of the US…a rogue stating sinking into mass murder as its imperial genocide comes home…

The take on (MLK) King’s use of Hegel is fascinating and after our critique of non-violence in the latest version of The Last Revolution, one finds the use of triads here, remarkable.

I was pleased to see that Douglais Lain hosted Richard Wolff on a recent podcast in order so he could discuss his opposition to vaccine mandates. Wolff

Source: A Hegelian Case for Vaccine Mandates –

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