Marxism and the crisis of the left

The post on Zinn and the Socialist Revolution group has an update as below and/or in the post itself. Marxist theory is a tremendous obstacle to the path to socialism and it is highly probable that the public will never agree to any such Marxist project, revolutionary or reformist. A far simpler approach is needed available.

The free text of The Last Revolution (in progress) available at this site ( can help here. A path to socialism simply doesn’t need Marx’s historical materialism or dialectical materialism. They open the Marxist left to easy refutations and leave the public wondering what a socialist society would look like. A century or more of critics have fairly well critiqued Marx and there is no excuse anymore for its now stale and fallacious thinking.
Our DMNC model can help here and the post-Marxist path to some resolution of the crisis of capitalism is not so obscure as it seems to some.

Update: This post is a good example of the power of the ‘eonic model’. But it requires study and a reading of Decoding World History and/or The Last Revolution (see the links on the sidebar) would help. But the left is so ingrained in the bad theories of Marx that it is virtually hopeless to communicate. The ‘eonic model’ so-called is not a theory but an outline of historical evolution. But it requires studying world history. The simple chronology in the model is very easy to understand, not so easy is the reading of historical books on world history. But the outline can be a start. For reasons that the ‘eonic model’ makes clear there is no way to a science of history, although the eonic effect as such points to such a theory which would be extremely complex. The academic world is unable to handle this kind of model because they are confused about Darwinian evolution. The evolution question is simply mishandled by biologists with their obsession with natural selection. The error is so simple that failure to grasp its implications makes us wonder about academics. The material below can be taken simply as a warning that historical materialism is not scientific at all. Nothing in reaching socialism requires Marx’s theories. And it is very doubtful if Marxists can help us to reach socialism, which predates Marx, and they are really one more obstacle on that issue.

Source: marxist mis-analysis of Zinn’s classic (mis-analysis)…//A Marxist Appraisal of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” – Socialist Revolution – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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