The fatal dangers of non-violent pseudo-leftist strategies…

Chris Hedges fancies himself some kind of saintly Christian following non-violence but the formula doesn’t add up. I hold no brief for the Weathermen who are not representative of much of anything and confused terrorism with revolutionary strategies. The onset of non-violent tactics was a significant moment, and with MLK was an effective tactic in the civil rights movement. But the fact must be faced that the left has become barren of results and has accomplished almost nothing since 1969 or before. In that time the planet has proceeded toward climate destruction without any real response from the left whose non-violent tactics will end by doing nothing as millions are killed. It is not possible to stop the capitalist insanity with Gandhian tactics. Gandhi is a much misunderstood figure and played the guru without understanding Indian spiritual history. Non-violence is finally a spiritual meditation visible in Jain yogis whose gesture is based on fasting to death lest they violently murder insects. It was a path to enlightenment via a path to death. It had no political implications and was a path by those who had renounced the world. The Gita so revered by Gandhi explicitly endorses the duty of violence to Arjuna as a caste warrior (Gandhi was ambivalent or confused by his own holy texts). The Gita has to be the worse book to cite for a proponent of non-violence.
It is essential to consider history here: using methods of non-violence, american democracy would never have arisen, and slavery would still exist. All the basic achievements of modern freedom were far from being non-violent. That does not mean that free lance violence as terrorism is some kind of leftist tactic. Methods of revolutionary action require discipline and the American Revolution was a war with generals and sane leaders.
The current is a dangerous field of nincompoops who mainly write article for Commons Dreams and little else. Billions of people are about to perish as the idiot left diddles over Gandhian sanctity.

Chris Hedges and Mark Rudd talk about political violence and the Weather Underground in a new episode of “On Contact.”

Source: Chris Hedges and Mark Rudd Discuss Self Destructive Forces on the Left –

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