Sanders, Orban: ‘democracy’ – 1848+: The End(s) of History

The discussion over the threat to American democracy is somewhat surreal, granting its rightness in the narrower context of free speech, rights, and electoral dynamics, etc… This is only an aspect of ‘real democracy’, to distinguish core democracy and democracy in its larger dimension beyond the baseline. But, (and Sanders knows this we can be confident), the deeper threat to democracy has always existed from day one, and this has been pointed out since day one and a half by everyone from the early socialists to Karl Marx and many others. The point is the American system is not really a democracy and suffers oligarchic domination via capitalism, etc…Thus the defenders of ‘democracy’, more or less ‘bourgeois class’ such defenders, are really defending that oligarchy and/or are agree or not upholding the capitalist status quo, thence suffering the contradiction in their reasoning where the ‘base level’ of democracy is ambiguous. To some degree, the gang of Trump’s base, baseline indeed, dare not claim they can shoot straight, in their ex-working-class/lumpenprole glory, is responding to this systematic doubletalk. The obvious issue is that VIP’s interviewed for handwringing over democracy on CNN are typical fans of ‘bourgeois democracy’ and they have something they might well wish to defend in a subtleties of privilege guaranteed by the double-talk previously referred to. This situation makes ‘true baseline commies’ very frustrated to the point of revolutionary advocations of ‘real socialism’ as real democracy. This issue is ‘news’ but to a closer view has been ‘news’ since the year 1848. The point is that the experts on ‘democracy’ in their handwringing need to consider they are part of the problem, and either put in a good word for the ‘commies’ at baseline or else be party ‘those revolted against’. You have heard enough, you can do the homework here and finish this post yourself. It may be time to re-expose Sanders as a socialist sleeper agent, and get on with a social revolution, socialist musings as three cheers for ‘real democracy’, ‘down with the Triumpian baseline trumpenproles’.

Source: Sanders, Orban: ‘democracy’ – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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