can the global left get it right this time?…//Chile’s Socialist Resurgence…  

The global left has never gotten socialism right. From the monstrosity of Bolshevism to that of China, the idea of socialism is mostly a wish…

Chile is clearly in a special situation…I am not in a position to offer advice, but our DMNC model is always relevant, it is a reflection of four plus term systems, but a key question is that status of Capital in this resurgence…will Capital be expropriated??? If not how to proceed?

The left is closing on zero further chances with socialism after so many fuckups with Marxist idiots…

Gabriel Boric’s presidential victory and a new constitution are the crowning achievements of Chile’s broad socialist movement. Now comes the hard part: fulfilling a vision of working-class prosperity that stretches back to Salvador Allende and beyond.

Source: Chile’s Socialist Resurgence Is a Century in the Making

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