revolutions, virtual to real

I have read this post before–I must have??? in 2010…then just before Trump, and then Trump, nothing happened, Trump followed by Biden, a new hope, even with Congress and Senate, nothing…

Source: The Global Green New Deal…??? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

I cannot it seems propose ‘revolution’ to the current left, but I can propose a gedanken experiment: is change really possible?
From the new version, Virtual Revolution?

Revolutions are violent, dangerous, prone to Jacobinism, and illegal. We live at a time when systems of covert action, surveillance and social control have reached the stage of a new Leviathan. We should ask the question as to whether our discussion is serious, a bluff to induce change by exposure of wrongs, a virtual gedanken experiment, or simply a warning about the future. The first step is to wake up and confront the reality we face.
The reader might well, should, take the discussion as in the virtual mode, mindful that our discussion as such is a thought experiment and protected free speech and anything beyond that will prove illegal and result in state repression in a dungeon. And what we say can default to reformism. But time is short.
That said, the saying is apt, ‘it’s your funeral’. But you evade that, do nothing, and you may well be dead for the funeral the billions about to perish. We can sound a warning in a review of non-violent action and note that such tactics have had no result at all because they have no revolutionary implications. The dangers of fossil fuels have been known for a good sixty years, and yet nothing whatsover has been accomplished either by devoted protests with signboards.
The powers that be know that only revolutionary action can be a serious threat, or the fulcrum of change. In that time the planet and its hominid sp;ecies just may have reached the point of no return. The death of millions requires serious action as soon as possible. But we know that nothing will be done. In the years since Truman stupidly created the CIA a malevolent gang of psychopaths has virtually taken over the state system, and while perpetrating revolutions from the right in numerous episodes in Latin America and across the globe. It is unlikely any set of amateur revolutionaries could get anywhere in this context.
And yet we must consider that all the achievements of modern freedom and democracy spring from revolution, including the American case. Here the issue of revolution is elevated by the creators of the Constitution to a warning, and a challenge: a warning if you can keep it. A categorical imperative (we may not refer as such to Kant) can ‘flip’ to a a novel conclusion: Billions have already been written off by the powers that be, tacitly.

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