Buddha, early Israelitism and the eonic model

Despite many interesting points here it suffers from what it accuses: creating new legends about old ones, here including the myth of Darwinian which cannot explain religion in terms of that theory of evolution as it applies/doesn’t apply to religion… Darwinism, and Robert Wright’s useless books, cannot resolve the issues of religion. Secular humanists have created a new set of fictions about religion and are alarmingly often completely off the mark. Darwinism shows all the signs of ‘religious’ fiction redux.
To see the overall picture one can recommend a look at the eonic effect and the way that Buddha, and early Israel fit into the eonic sequence that generates two religions in parallel in a classic eonic transition. The discussion of monolatry, etc, might however fit in quite well with respect to Israel which emerged as a challenge to paganism, largely succeeding in that in concert with the later Christianity, about whose origins we remain ignorant.

Source: Buddha, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammed: Larger-than-life historic figures or largely legends? – Alternet.org

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