Pot calling kettle black…? //Philosophers with No Clothes: A Review of The War Against Marxism – Counterfire

The charge of obscurantism applies equally and unfortunately to Marxists themselves. It really isn’t clear what Marxist theory really means and the ‘delinking of ideas from material reality’ is curiously dangerous jargon in its negation of autonomy and appears to be economic determination at its core. This whole thrust of Marxism is not believable in the end and is economic fundamentalism, or so it seems from a jargon that makes little sense. The absolute distinction of materialism and idealism is the core confusion of Marxism and assuming it makes any sense has never resulted in any real clarification of sociology or economics for that matter.
The collision of Marx and Hegel is a misfortune and ended up creating a narrow and reductionist perspective.
The realm of Marxism claims to be a vanguard for the left but at a time of social crisis and climate change we see no movements that can really challenge any of that beyond sifting through the bon mots of Marx’s obsession with his pseudo-science of historical materialism.

We need a movement that is active against capitalism, without the baggage of obscure theory and not stuck forever in the battle of idealism and materialism. An actual blueprint of a socialist society is needed as a guarantee against the front of theory to create a new elite or marxist bourgeoisie.  The working class was swindled by the Marxists who preached a worker’s state and then created a dictatorship of the Marxist bourgeoisie and left the world of labor dominated by a new elite. A constitutional system guaranteeing the rights of workers and everything else is needed, along with ecological socialism, a genuine democracy and an economy that works. Marxists talk little but gibberish, have  a pathological obsession with idealism, no plan for a future postcapitalist system, and no real avenue to transformation, etc, etc…

This delinking of ideas from material reality also led to the notion of the ‘relative autonomy’ of various processes from the economic structure of capitalist society. For Marx the way the main contradictions in society played out always depended on actual human practice, but the idea of ‘relative autonomy’ effectively breaks any notion of determination of human behaviour by the existing conditions, rendering Marxism redundant.

Source: Philosophers with No Clothes: A Review of The War Against Marxism – Counterfire

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