[Video] On the historical origins of Christianity

This theme on the left is very engaging and probably on the mark, but unfortunately we can’t be too sure of anything and in any case it happened a long time ago. Leftists can delude themselves here: these ancients christians believed in ‘souls’ and immortality and the problem there is that it might be materialists get the whole thing wrong because a savior with a soul can change his mind and if ‘jesus’ was really a kind of sufi he might have been closer to a dark figure like Gurdjieff and/or have turned into a fascist, as seems to have happened with esoteric buddhists. So should commies/materialists/and marxoids convert to the way of sweet Jesus? He was no democrat and never said anything whatever about slavery. I would be wary of sentimental thoughts about Jesus, long gone, or ‘christ???’ being of much help on the left, in our own time.
Still, claiming Jesus for the left is brazenly apt.
And Jesus was an almost evanescent figure in a triad of three, John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul. The whole game seems designed to give Jesus a cameo appearance while the real effect is with the larger dynamic, especially the figure Paul who seems no proletarian revolutionary. The whole thing was designed by figures in the background, we suspect, and we cannot be sure of what they intended. Overall Jesus was gone before he ever even got started.

At this festive time of year, we share the following lead off by Alan Woods on the origins of Christianity, which provides a Marxist answer to 2,000 years of myths, lies and distortions.

Source: [Video] On the historical origins of Christianity

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