The last revolution….from the left, if it can resolve its failed legacy…//America is now in fascism’s legal phase  

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_ver_FNL_4xa_12_18_21
The left is chanting the same old Marxist mantras and they don’t work. You have to refresh your terms and analyze your failures. After Bolshevism the left must move on in a hurry, sever connections to the old and create new terms of discourse. Those can certainly be socialist but here we have renounce ‘communism’ for neo-communism, for example.

Original comment, perhaps set aside. We have advised against dialectic in Samkhya: Ancient and Modern, and the argument below shows both the insights and delusions/muddle there.

An interesting article but we need to consider that the failure of left revolution, and the shallowness of marxism, have bequeathed revolution to the right, next to the outstanding generators of fascism as such. A new left must reclaim the revolution, and none too soon because fascism in proceeding apace in the cleverness of the hidden puppet strings for such as Trump. The left has never gotten the issue of revolution right and has simply generated counterrevolution. But this dialectic will backfire on the right as a strange kind of third factor of resolution enters to create an ending that is a beginning. Dialectical arguments are not sound logic but this makes funny sense here. The point is to be wary of endless repetition of the first affirmative aspect and recreate the resolution to a counterrevolution with a novel counter-counterrevolution.
I wouldn’t bet money on such an argument but it is true that the current right is seeding its own counter-counterrevolutionary revolution redux…Hope that helps. The point is that if a dialectic goes A B C it will actually have six forms: A C B, B A C, etc, and maybe B A C = new A: as the dialectic of revolution yields to counterrevolution and then to some unknown resolution, one can reaffirm a new starting point in the rubble of counterrevolution??? The point here is that the new revolution is going to be different from the original starting point.

The US’s history of racism is fertile ground for fascism. Attacks on the courts, education, voting rights and women’s rights are steps to toppling democracy

Source: America is now in fascism’s legal phase | The far right | The Guardian

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