It’s Ok to not be a marxist? It is essential for socialism to start over, and be postmarxist….

This article has lead to a whole series of confused or irrelevant/beside the point posts at marxmail.

The issue is that marxism as a whole, despite many insights, is unlikely to lead to a viable path to postcapitalism.
There are many issues here but for starters consider the link today at Marxmail on the position of Chinese communists such as JI
on ‘democracy’. See the link below and my comments.
The way JI coopts a classic leftist/marxist meme and turns it upside down is a warning that trying to use Marxism will generate cognitive dissonance in the Babel of tongues that makes up its historical legacy in Bolshevism and Chinese communism. The passage is pure doublethink in the Orwellian sense. How can you use the same language and not end up in a muddle, what to say of a massacre as the outstanding Stalinists move to liquidate any dissent, and no doubt the whole of Marxmail. These people are stalinist mass murderers and probably have agents already at Marxmail. And Ji’s confusion on democracy is amateurish and clumsy. Noone can think about anything.

More generally the legacy of Marx played its part for another generation, now long gone: Marx ruthlessly created a hard canon and eliminated everyone else. Look at this treatment of Weitling in the movie. The Stalinist element entered early in the way he simply eliminated a fellow socialist as even Engels winced, a devoted comarde destroyed as Marx mutters about the need for theory. Marx brought some coherence to a confused field of early socialists, but the result doesn’t look so good anymore. It has too many confusion points, such as the fallacious theory of history, the Hegelian dialectic turned materialist and other hogwash. Socialism doesn’t need historical materialism and dialectic. Who cares, these are archaic obsessions, and false credentials in a Marx cult.

The Marx canon is strange, looking back. It is too flawed to stand for the future. Best to make Marx/Engels historical reference points and start over with a new language and a simpler approach. Marx was a dominating and neurotic authoritarian who left behind a cult based on a cult of personality. Marxism as a term is an example: the term should be discarded and replaced with a neutral and generalized term.
Marx’s final product is puzzling. His stages of production theory is not scientific at all, and it makes the whole corpus a target for critics who can refute the whole subject very easily.
What is left after getting rid of the bad theory is still useful but it also needs to be recast.

I have suggested in my The Last Revolution the need to discard theories of history, stick with empirical histories, empirical studies of economics in history, and adopt a constructivist approach to socialist construction. Marx says communism will follow capitalism by a law of history. That’s nonsense and every critic of Marx is enabled with a
decisive path to rejection. The question of postcapitalism is gruesome: we need, not a theory, but a practical path in a crisis of monumental and that’s gotten harder and harder as the complexity of capitalism increases even as ecology degenerates. The idea that Marx has the solution to doing that is false, and even Marx warned that he couldn’t get specific.
I think that socialism needs a clear recipe approach that can resolve democracy but with a combined power to prevent capitalist pseudo-freedoms, resolve markets and planning in a system that is functional beyond the utterly brain dead stupidity of the Bolsheviks.
I have suggested dropping the term ‘marxism’ for good. So it is good to not be a marxist. From there you have to establish a system that is another horror like that of the era of Lenin.

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