‘The Dawn of Everything’ gets human history wrong | Climate & Capitalism

The eonic model can clarify this debate but at the same one has to go through a large amount of new research on the issues of human evolution, even given the inability of established scholars to get past the paradigm of Darwinian. The failure to see that Darwinism gets evolution wrong threatens both sides of this research. Even so there is much that is of great interest. Short of funds, I got a Kindle version of the book, then got a refund since some of the works cited in the review are important to consider first. Maybe in spring I will get The Dawn of Everything. But works by Christopher Boehm and Sarah Hrdy, and several others, are suddenly essential reading, though I am pressed to be able to afford them just at the moment.
Many classic questions, such as the issue of inequality, the rise of the state are treated with kid gloves in my accounts of world history because I don’t want to burden the eonic model with dated cliches. The eonic model is compatible in some ways with both sides of some of these debates. The challenge to Graeber et al. is pretty severe, the book is an odd puzzle.

Is inequality inevitable? Is freedom just a choice? Two materialist critiques of a widely-praised book.

Source: ‘The Dawn of Everything’ gets human history wrong | Climate & Capitalism

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