Vegetarian spiritual self-defense?

The realm of secular humanisms is blind to the larger question of vegetarian (if not vegan) self-defense: the occult world of the shadow new age figures like Gurdjieff and his so-called ‘sufi’ world itself some sort of front is eager to see man remain a meat-eater because he as a species is taken as food for some hidden realm of reality for which man is a kind of cattle. The vegan philosophies are somewhat modern and different and the vegetarian is basically in a classic non-violent tradition (cf. the far more strict world of the Jains who may have been the (or ‘a’) source of ‘hindu’ vegetarianism) and a defender of the dignity of man beyond being a cattle species for…what? who? The Buddhist tradition gives a hint, although modern thinking would ascribe nothing to it. Modern secularism (and for that matter Christian legacies) are usually unaware of this strange alternate dimension to spiritual traditions. These traditions may be rubbish but if they have invaded modernity and promoted mass murder they can be considered alive and well. Enter genocide as crypto-sacrifice. The vegetarian Hitler is another side of the sordid ‘joke’. This aspect is evident yet unrealized in the portraits of Jesus with his sheep metaphors with their unstated implication.
Homo sapiens might do well to take a path closer to the Jain yogi, itself another extreme perhaps. But it is unlikely to happen. Too many exploiters of man as he is will rush in to preserve the status quo of man as a sort of bean sprout snack: sprouted but development terminated, food. The Hindu version is a compromise and rejects the extremes of the Jain yogi who will fast unto death least he violently step on insects. Logical yet mad? But the larger evolutionary point is that man the meat-eater is by no means out of the woods where dark predators lurk. As for the great American hamburger guzzler, so long sucker.

The question of veganism and its history is elusive but the legacy of homo sapiens the meateater is crypto-faustian, as it were. Can man recover from his own evolutionary lineage? Take a good look …

Source: Can homo sapiens the great evolutionary meat-eater survivor, now big mac guzzler survive climate change? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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