Can homo sapiens the great evolutionary meat-eater survivor, now big mac guzzler survive climate change?

The question of veganism and its history is elusive but the legacy of homo sapiens the meateater is crypto-faustian, as it were. Can man recover from his own evolutionary lineage? Take a good look at the disgusting hamburger guzzler evolutionary survivor unable to survive his own fastfood wasteland. The history cited here is interesting but it is the fallacy of evolutionary psychology to demand man conform to his evolutionary dark side…

Until recently, Greta Thunberg kept a filmed appeal to stop eating meat and dairy as the first item of her twitter account: she’s been a vegan for half her life, so that’s not surprising. Her message begins with pandemics[1] but swiftly segues to climate change, as might be expected. The film was made by Mercy for Animals, which she thanks.[2]The film remained top of her twitter account for months. She has several million followers, so the value of the advertising she gave this little-known not-for-profit must run into millions of dollars. As opposition to livestock has become a major plank in climate activism, it’s worth looking at how the world’s biggest climate influencer chooses to influence it.

Source: Scapegoats and Holy Cows: Climate Activism and Livestock –

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