Postcapitalist Futures: The Last Revolution (ver_fn_1a_12_10_21) : revolution at the endgame of capitalist globalization

Postcapitalist_ Futures_Last_Revoluition_ver_fnal_1a_12_10_21

The text proceeds apace, and a new book will soon emerge, hopefully. There is something desperate in the world situation. Climate doom is fast approaching and yet it seems as if all the politicians are frozen zombies in a world going mad. Stranger still the left is paralyzed and the suspicion arises that the legacy of Marxism is part of the problem. Nothing can resolve the problems of Marxist theories but a strange conclusion arises: who needs the ponderous baggage of Marx, historical materialism or dialectical materialism. A framework for transformation, reformist or revolutionary’, can be recreated from scratch. The key point is that democracy is dying but a revolution to real democracy sits in the wings, waiting. The core tragedy of capitalist man is reaching its climactic act in a botched version of modernity that is leading to disaster…

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