On the difference between Marx and Hegel’s dialectical method…

This site sends out essays for review and then stages comment threads. In this case I could/would not review such a topic given the near impossibility of getting it straight.
The text of my Samkhya: Ancient and Modern might suggest why. The issue of dualistic versus triadic dialectic is impossible to resolve and Marx/Hegel antithesis is probably without merit on either side. Still, it is a classic puzzle, but one that I recommend left put on the sidelines. The triad is going to be, if not mystical, then not logical in the sense of science. In any case the original Samkhya, taken as mystical, was actually materialistic, and mystical at the same time. The materialistic method is not really non-mystical itself and the ‘triad’ is indifferently material or spiritual, that is neither.

Source: (99+) Academia.edu

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