The New Age mirage versus the antiquity of Indic yogas.

All these New Age formations are in an addled state but at the same time this is a good example of the way that historical materialism can never be the basis of a future culture because it cannot evaluate the real legacies of civilization. The history of the yogas is as old as civilization and has been a recurrent tradition in all times and ages. The current confusions spring from a proximate tradition in classical to modern times, but that tradition like traditional religions is already a train wreck. The world needs some really good help on this one, because homo sapiens have few to no resources that can address the complex of human consciousness. But the modern versions of yoga are dilapidated cults and fated to die out or become sterile like the TM movement, or the hatha yoga cult.
Some of the texts here record constellations from 5000 BCE (later texts, of course) showing the evolutionary scale of the whole set of traditions.

Source: Was Ramana Maharsi a fascist? puking up (neo-) Advaita gibberish…the Vedic fraud as to the history of the yogas… – The Gurdjieff Con – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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