The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures

Latest Version:
The Last Revolution_Postcapitalist_Futures_ver_1Az_11_26_21

This is a new version of The Last Revolution (almost the same as prev…I have changed my mind several times on the title: but the Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures is more popular than PC Futures: The Lst Rev).
The book is a companion to: Decoding World History, but the complexity and detail of that book is not needed. That said, the new ‘model of history’ is in essence very simple. The complexity arises only with the need to study an immense number of books to get a handle on global diversity.


It is important to see how the chronology provided in DCD_WH and the Lst_Rev is sufficient for a new left view of world history. It is far better to not try and theorize history using bad science models. It is strange that Marx did that and in the process undermined the whole perspective on the left.

The left needs a broad perspective: trying to win the battle of idealism versus materialism is a waste of time and alienates a clear majority of the population plus

Also, as in post on Hayek today (below), the model in The Lst_Rev repairs the problem in older Marxism of socialism and freedom. Bolshevism handed victory to the right and Hayek was rubbing it in, to no avail since his own view is flawed. But Hayek echoes the calculation debate started by Mises and the issue is dealt with in The_Last_Revolution by bringing markets into socialism in a new form that is postcapitalist

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