Modern society has no institutions that can mediate homo sapiens and his problem in the grand sequence of evolution…

The two prior posts, linked to below, enter difficult terrain. Human culture is at a crisis point and no one can do anything about it. Note that there is no social body of any kind that can process or deal with the issues raised in those posts, and the brief exploration of Christianity etc…: scientists, philosophers, theologians, politicians, the pope, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Marxists, economists, historians, secular humanists …., are unable to process such an historical analysis, or even open discussion. My model could be wrong, but its basis is fairly clear, it is simply a chronology not a theory, albeit difficult to interpret, and in any case the problems uncovered could be stated without the model. Christianity (and Judaism) are problematical. It is clear that Christianity has drifted away from its foundations and its status is ambiguous. Judaism is a minority religion, and controversial, so I can bypass that for the moment. A religion claiming membership on the basis of birth is problematical. It appears that Christianity is no longer functional: its claims of salvation are long since hyped forms of propaganda: that simple assent to Jesus can guarantee salvation as the convert goes to heaven is a species of nonsense. The claims for faith are thus misleading and the demand for that faith backfire and cripple thought. But secular humanism has entered into a very narrow version of ‘modernity’ and cannot really serve the real human psychology which remains very difficult to discover. Buddhism and its sources in the classic yogas are in somewhat better condition but their status in modernity is not clear at all.

The modern period is still young, and it is possible the fog might clear at some point, or the whole game could simply degenerate. Democracy is under attack and that is dangerous, while something like socialism done right could repair democracy and create a way through the crisis of capitalism.
Whatever the case, the point should be stunningly obvious yet upsetting: human culture has no real institutions that can help him through the labyrinth of history. None. A science stuck on Darwinism is pretty useless for psychology, a politics crippled by capitalism cannot persist in its democracy, religion stuck in archaic traditions are mostly in decay.

This material contains the key to sorting out the confusions in the history of Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastarianism and Buddhsim. It won’t make any sense at first and requires up to six mon…

Source: The confusing history of monotheism, using the eonic model to assess its overall pattern in world history. – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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