marxists are to blame for their own demise: the (revolutionary) left must be postmarxist///Is This the Left that Jacobin Wants?: Chris Maisano’s Perilous Drift Towards Post-Marxism 

One thing is clear now: a radical/revolutionary left must be postmarxist.
Marxists have made a hopeless confusion out of their own legacy. And in part, the problem lies with Marx, who tried to make socialism/communism a Marxist monopoly. In fact, he succeeded and the result is that activists end up in a dilemma as here. The Left is in a ridiculous condition: to try and build socialism inside the Democratic party has to be the dead-end of the new century. But they can see that a third party is virtually impossible. No doubt this is because of the way such things are rigged, but before Bolshevism such parties were abundant, with, to be sure, great resistance in the US. But the fact remains that after 1989, the Marxist left has stalled in its own refusal to account for their failures. Thirty years later the Marxist group is still chanting boilerplate Marxism, refuses any criticism whatever of the canon, worships Marx as some infallible prophet, and expects to convert the public to historical materialism as the master philosophy superior to all others.
People are waking up to the terrible future coming and yet they cannot any solution in the dead cult of Marx.
We have tried here to recast the revolutionary/reformist options beyond the Marx cult and the failure to see that a clean break is needed for the future. Done right third parties will start leaping out of the woodwork as they did in the Second International. But a left this incompetent inspires no confidence in the public as the thrashing about in the Dem party muddle makes clear.
We have proposed here a complete restart on the issues of socialism, economy, history, and reform/revolution: the latter being the rising focus at interest for socialism as a desperate situation emerges. The first step is hard, but then the realization dawns that Marxists have made the issues impossibly complicated and that a very simple platform can be created very easily: our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is one such, as a tool to model a serious economy in the transition to postcapitalism. After a ton of books on a private cult,  Marxists were never able to solve the problem of a decent economy in the mystification of ‘party dogmas’ and the latent Stalinism that haunts the left in the wake of Marx. And the question of the working class is and obsession that is never resolved in practice, the reason being obvious: the working class just doesn’t buy Marxism any more, and the portrait below is a subtle denigration of the working class, a portrait of yesteryear. The working class don’t really trust Marxism any more.

Source: Is This the Left that Jacobin Wants?: Chris Maisano’s Perilous Drift Towards Post-Marxism – Cosmonaut

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