but stone didn’t see through 9/11…???//Oliver Stone Talks to Jacobin About JFK’s Killing

After so many years of the Chomsky et al. regime on both the JFK and 9/11 deceptions, it is fitting to acknowledge the courage of Stone on the question of the JFK assassination. His movie was also a big help to those who were cancel-cultured by openly exposing the JFk assassination conspiracy. The confusion over conspiracy theories has never been resolved in the deliberate disinfo campaigns.
As to 9/11, Stone apparently was fooled finally by the gang/deep state or whoever: his movie on 9/11 seems a bit weak compared to his JFK. It is a puzzle why Stone didn’t get with it on 9/11, or perhaps there is something unknown here.

Meanwhile, the Darwin deception continues, the easiest con to expose, but noone in the ‘right’ circles dares touch it. It would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic, an ominous sign of the corruption of science. It is the most incomprehensible con of them all: it should have been exposed the day after Darwin published his book as to its statistical fantasy. Yet the delusion still reigns. Two great leads in the real search for a theory, Lamarck’s still somewhat primitive version but on the right track, and the teleomechanists in the Kant school were promising starts, but then the Darwin propaganda machine came into being, with suspicious ideological background. The Darwin fraud is in the same class as the JFK/9/11 cases, in a way, but its mesmerizing brainwashing effect is stunningly evident out in the open, yet none can penetrate the simple facts of the case, where the full clarity eludes still those who see through the other deceptions: the JFK conspiracy, for example, is very evident, but the details are still a muddle, and the same for 9/11: the issues have developed and the recent debates over thermite explosives are a novel consideration. In both cases there is a key entry point to the debate: the magic bullet nonsense for JFK and the controlled demolition claims for the 9/11 case. They lead you to the core of the conspiracies, but the details remain elusive. Update: there is a new line of research on JFK and 9/11 both: the secret world of Mossad and Zionists in both cases (see The Final Judgement…):

Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy – Kindle edition by Michael Collins Piper. 

Small wonder the estab guards its secrets here…. The case of Darwinism has a secret strength: academic biologists, all PHD’s, are hopeless idiots. That other case, the statisticians are beyond comprehension, and apparently are also idiots, but suspicions lurk.
The three incidents show how at-risk democracy and science are to ideological mind control. As Stone notes, it seems like 1963 was the year democracy died. After decades in Afghanistan the poignancy of JFK’s death, as he tried to stop the forever wars, resonates to our own time.

Oliver Stone sat down with Jacobin to discuss JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, his new documentary that exhaustively makes the case that the national security state, including the CIA and FBI, killed John F. Kennedy — not a lone shooter.

Source: Oliver Stone Talks to Jacobin About JFK’s Killing

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