The confusion over natural selection voids this thesis…//Evolution Tells Us We Might Be the Only Intelligent Life in the Universe

There is something almost ludicrous, if not grotesque, about the hold of natural selection on scientists, and its associated sectors, here the singularity mythologists–or scientists? While the question of alien life remains unresolved it would seem that it is abundantly present throughout the cosmos. We still don’t know, but we can’t conclude anything on the basis of the pseudo-science of ‘evolution’ based on natural selection. The hold of that theory in the face of almost endless critiques and exposes remains a puzzle of science as we know and a warning that ideology can take hold of core science and corrupt it.
Evolution is a general term, and is not equivalent to ‘evolution by natural selection’. Evolution remains the great unsolved challenge for real science as the question of alien life remains up in the air. But we must suspect that evolution is a teleological process present throughout the cosmos.

Are we alone in the universe? It comes down to whether intelligence is a probable outcome of natural selection, or an improbable fluke. By definition, probable events occur frequently, improbable events occur rarely—or once. Our evolutionary history shows that many key adaptations—not just intelligence, but complex animals, complex cells, photosynthesis, and life itself—were unique, one-off events, and therefore highly improbable. Our evolution may have been like winning the lottery…only far less likely.

Source: Evolution Tells Us We Might Be the Only Intelligent Life in the Universe

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