Lewontin?? historical materialism and dialectical materialism stand with natural selection as ideological fictions, next to bullshit marxism…time to move on

Lewontin is a complicated figure but in the end, he toe’d the line on Darwinism, though one suspects he knew it was problematical.
Meanwhile, in a third article today from MR, we have a distillation of the entire range of Bullshit Marxism: historical materialism, dialectical materialism, applied to further confusion of an already confused biology stuck forever in the statistical illusion of natural selection. The entire field of biology is incapable of seeing through the confusion of their theory of evolution. A case of ideological hypnosis indeed, and the Marxist realm, great experts on capitalist ideology pass its worst instance with more garbage on histomat and ?? diamat. Evolution is not clarified by dialectical reasoning, at least in the form that Marxists have produced

The core imperative here if for biologists to drop the natural selection theory and drop the claim for a science of evolution based on the ‘mechanism’ of random evolution. Until scientist can be honest with themselves and Marxists extricate from their mythological theory, the issue of biological evolution will remain a total muddle.

Dialectical materialism combines two philosophical traditions: historical materialism formulated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and dialectics, an idealist philosophy formulated by German philosopher Georg Willhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Source: Richard Lewontin, dialectical materialism, the relationship between evolutionary biology and Marxism | MR Online

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