Planet burns as the left fiddles, marxism defunct, worst case to be the case?

Update/comment: the left is dominated by the legacy of Marx, and yet it is dysfunctitonal because noone trusts it anymore: we have emphasized the need to start from scratch, with very little time: our text The Last Revolution shows how that can be done… The powers that be, looking at the left, know they don’t have any real opposition and can do what they please. Non-violent tactics and Gandhians evoke derision and induce further extremes.

All the worst warnings against capitalism have proven true, and worse. And yet the left is suffering its own double failure, reformist and revolutionary. The situation calls for a transformation beyond capitalism but the left has suffered collapse beyond recovery, it seems. Our criticisms of Marxism are a reminder that that failed and now stalled/asleep faction is essentially inert, powerless and defunct, chitchat at marxmail

Source: Opinion | Biden Cannot Be Held Hostage on Climate: The US Is Needed Globally | Isabella Shraiman

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