Christianity/Judaism turning malevolent as the monotheistic religions fall away in the secular era

We have often noted the way in the eonic model the religions of one era start to fade away in the next. The process can take time, but outside their historical framework they tend to become subject to human egos without any larger momentum. It is hard to see how evangelical right-wing conservatives could do any better destroying Christianity than in their increasingly demented ‘religious’ politics, and the same is true of Judaism as the Zionists have turned into a virtual mafia of devious covert capers.

One speech at the conference that particularly struck Brooks came from activist Amanda Milius, who argued that Americans needed to start making movies like the 1950s John Wayne Western “The Searchers” again on the grounds that the film unapologetically showed “how Americans tamed the West and how Christian values got brought to ‘savage, undeveloped land.'”Brooks, however, has seen the movie in question and was not impressed with Milius’s take on it.”This is about as dumb a reading of The Searchers as it’s possible to imagine,” he writes. “The movie is actually the modern analogue to the Oresteia, by Aeschylus. The complex lead figure, played by John Wayne, is rendered barbaric and racist while fighting on behalf of westward pioneers. By the end, he is unfit to live in civilized society.”

Source: ‘Christianity is shrinking into a rump’: Conservative pens scathing review of right-wing pro-Trump conference –

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