The Last Revolution (ver2ax_11_13_21)…? revolution? after cop26 we see that the entire political class is dysfunctional, psychotically indifferent to climate genocide and…surprise! in the pocket of the capitalist bourgeoisie…

The Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_Futures_futures ve2ax (11_14-21

The cop26 swindle should be the last straw for the general public. We confront a world system run by incompetent and/or corrupt politicians in the pocket of the capitalists and unable to take any measures toward forestalling global catastrophe. That’s a stunning failure, even for a radical. The signal to revolutionary response is clear as it has never been. But is there a viable path forward for those abandoned by the political class? Marx/Engels and the early socialists hustled through the ’48 revolutions because they knew already the handwriting was on the wall. And now we see that two centuries of delay has created governmental systems of overwhelming power. But the same thing can be said of the French, American or Russian systems before their revolutions. A bunch of American rebs implausibly took on the British empire and won. The current system is undergoing slow collapse: the revolutionary moment is coming. In fact, the strange situation of the Alt-right and general right-wing shows the revolution has already started on the right and the left will soon be forced to reply with an active revolutionary project of their own. But the left is stuck in the past and dominated by the useless Marxist cult/religion.
This book The Last Revolution suggests ditching Marxism and shows that a complete framework can be created in under a hundred pages. Marxixts have a huge but obsolete literature but no project for the future, no real sense of the climate question and/or ecological socialism. Time to start over. But Marxists at least carry a revolutionary idea, however confused now. The larger left in the divide of reformists/revolutionaries creates a useless confusion: our model is open to both, but if we are open to revolution then we are implying more than Gandhian slogans, and protest marches. One resolution is to let the revolutionaries carry the reformists to a new foundation, constitution and economic system in the vein of ecological socialism. The question of revolution needs a new foundation which this book tries to provide. Marxists might adopt our new formulation and ditch the Marx canon which always guarantees failure. Time is short: this book minus its appendices, is under a hundred pages with lots of adjunct text in text blocks: you can skip these to a first reading and get a gist in an hour or so. Historical materialism and dialectical materialism are useless baggage and should be dropped. A new approach to world history is much simpler.

The capitalist system can’t be overcome with sentimental methods. Time was running out, now it is just about out. You are just about dead already, almost: you can go down fighting.

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