If you fail 26 times in a row, you are a. kidding, b. dupes doing the work of capitalism c. too pathetic to deal with climate, better to shut up ??? cop27 is doomed.

You can’t deal with capitalism using placard/protest marches. They can help at a base level, but the situation demands revolutionary action, as the Gandhians begin to face their genocidal strategy.The copoX stituation shows that government has fallen into a funk from which they can’t recover. Time for regime change, done right.

Activists perhaps know this all too well, but cannot make ‘rebellion’ real, or enter a path of revolution. So don’t shut up, but see the reality of the situation.
The left sermonizing revolution is to all appearances dealing in conversation, not real action. But then how could it be otherwise: the US has developed a monumentally oppressive set of covert agencies who are experts at suppressing revolutions, progressive government, and economies. The revolution is already underway from the right.
It would seem that the current generation has no stomach for real change.

These are all very good excuses, but the implication is that cop27 is doomed…

Source: COP26 failure – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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