R48G: The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures //ver2_xzda_abx 11/3/2011// The Red Forty-eight Group

The Last Revolution_Postcapitalist_Futures_ver2_xzda_abx

Cf Previous post: two activists in the climate movement appear to be calling for revolution. That’s not funny: you mean to take away the property of the Exxon-Mobils et al. Best of luck. The US has twenty million small businesses. You can’t hope to natiaonalize such a labyrinth. But a communist system is easier to achieve than one might think: our DMNC model can work on any system and has a cutoff property that allows neo-communism and (socialist) markets to coexist…But I so support the idea, but is the idea serious?

We offer our modeling tool in a short book The Last Revolution: revolutions are no laughing matter and the question of marxism and Marx’s monopoly will tend to create confusion. The first step will be a conflict with Marxists and their proliferation of useless groups, next to the Gandhian non-violence crowd.
Our tool shows a way to absorb the classic Marxist formulation into a larger system, the R48G: Red Fortyeight Group: this is just a kind of generic leftist group that can be specified in many ways. A revolution can’t just aim at ‘democracy’ or ‘socialism’, it must get a huge amount of work on many subjects linked together: democracy plus a general authority, a Commons of expropriation, planning and the mathematics there, liberal, economic, and ecological rights. etc…

Any movement of this kind should both acknowledge and disown the classic Marxist tradition. But you CANNOT use the old marxist terminology and legacy: it collides at once with the given historical semantics and will induce cognitive dissonance. You cannot share the elder marxist terminology at the same time as the Chinese or North Korean systems. They will denounce all formats but the classic marxist and liquidate all rivals.

Our approach simply disowns the Marxist past, and then uses some of its material rebranded in a restart using new terminology. We will exempt the vague term ‘socialism’ as is but speak of neo-communism, for example, and disown the term ‘communism’.

The current ‘lefts’ have one last chance for revolutionary change. In our formulation that should be ‘revolutionary/reformist’. The debate over that is long and mostly useless. You can reform the constitution if you can get it through two houses of Congress, or start over with a revolution.
As of now, the question would seem hopeless, but the right has already started the counterrevolution: the moment is coming for a new left. But the latter is so hopelessly confused and stuck in a dead marxist legacy. We have shown in our short book how easy in principle it is to start over and simply escape the dead hand of the bolshevism that unfairly captured the labors of Marx and confused forever its terminology and projects.

Consider the generic ‘movement’, the Red-Forty-eight Group, and either use that as is, or move to specify a specific instance, careful to consider our model of democratic market neo-communism. The work is stupendous: a new set of legal systems, a definition of a Commons (which Is NOT the usual marxist state capitalism), ecological law and courts, …cf. the DMNC models in the book.

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