Class reductionism?

One more comment on this Jacobin article on Marx: the issue of class reductionism arises and again Marx is vulnerable, but only because once again he tries to make ‘class struggle’ the dynamic of history. We have critiqued theories of history and here we see in Marx still another such theory. And it is not really true that class struggle drives history. Would that it did: we might have had socialism already by now. Again, the resolution is to be wary of theories and take ‘class struggle’ as an empirical field. Then it comes into its own without the quibbles of philosophy that haunt the attempts at ‘analysis’. The issue of class struggle in this sense are obvious and we can see that the ‘bourgeoisies’ as a core source of domination is right out front as a given of social politics and requires no theory of history. It is clear that Marx frittered away his key insight that the bourgeoisie and the proletariat engaged an epic struggle.

Source: No, Marxism Isn’t Economic Determinism

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