Henri Bergson, a classic critic of Darwinism, was the only thinker to come close to the ‘eonic effect’…: evolution as a creative power…

A usual the ID group has better info on evolution that the established science field.
Although I am wary of endorsing the metaphysics of Bergson he was the only thinker who came anywhere near the key insight of the ‘eonic model’ which shows directly the mysterious creative power of evolution. This is not at all the same as creationism. We need to be very careful not to create metaphysical entities: a ‘creative power’ in nature is at risk of speculative misunderstanding: the strategy of the eonic model is to demonstrate a non-random pattern that indirectly appears as a novel emergent entity. That’s safer than the already confused legacy of creative evolution.

Lewis first read Bergson in France during World War I while recovering from shrapnel wounds from the front-lines, and the experience on Lewis was profound.

Source: Why C. S. Lewis Doubted Natural Selection | Evolution News

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