The eonic model makes even a new perspective as here fail in advance…

A new book by David Wengrow and the late David Graeber is a brilliant rejection of the fatalistic myths of human history — and a defense of our power to shape our own world.

Source: David Graeber Knew Ordinary People Could Remake the World

I have been waiting to see this book but I am fairly sure I will be disappointed. To sideline the myths that pervade history we need more than another myth: the study of history must expose the grotesque myth of Darwinism. If Graeber fails to see the problem there, or as in most cases keeps quiet to survive the cancel culture of Darwinism, his book will be undermined before it gets started. The myth of evolution by natural selection must be exposed before any attempt to revise the study of history can contribute anything. Scholars have tried over and over again to find a (scientific) keynote to history and mostly failed.

It is time historians confront the data of the eonic effect: human evolution moving into the evolution of civilizations is the result of a macro driver that has generated a global pattern of transitions. The data here must be confronted.

In general, current culture cannot deal with the key issue of human consciousness and its modulations. Man is struggling to use his own software and mostly unable to do so.

Although this new perspective may be of interest histories without confronting the issue of evolution and thence the eonic effect are unable to go anywhere.

Decoding World History ED 1_6dcdx

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