Is the Human Neck a “Mistake of Evolution”?

Having cited the original article on the human neck we should cite the right on schedule critique from the ID Central site: Evolution News.

I find both arguments unsatisfactory, but the ID folks expose the tendency to defend Darwin by claiming isolated incidents speculatively used as cases of flawed design. It is not a very good way to defend Darwinian fallacies. Between the two sides it is hard to figure out who is right here, but the case for a flawed neck taken in isolation is not very convincing.
We have proposed design arguments here without the term /intelligent unless take in quotation marks.
Despite the attempts to refine the ID argument beyond theism the fact remains that the ID group is entangled in theological legacies while the standard Darwinist view is a kind idiocy that cannot survive statistical critique. But if the Darwinists are such idiots they will survive, as we can see in the endless muddle of evolutionary scientism.

Darwin asserted the “absurdity” of evolution designing a shared opening to the esophagus and trachea (windpipe).

Source: Is the Human Neck a “Mistake of Evolution”? | Evolution News

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