Critiques of the ‘design’ argument: Kant

it is useful to consider Kant’s take on design beside the grossly inferior idiocy of selectionist Darwinism. Considering the dangers of skepticism still in his time Kant, to me as my suspicion, is closer to ‘atheism’ than we might think. But he reinvents a handful of new ‘god conceptions’ none of which he takes too seriously. That said, the issue of ‘god’ is so muddled we can hardly entertain the idea. Kant shows with some suggestions however that there is a larger perspective in which the ‘god’ token is relevant but confronted with skepticism. In any case his views on design are fundamental and we take that as its own standard reference, free at the same time to take that critically. Design in nature versus theology is the swamp where most are lost.

The eonic effect shows spectacular design in its historical dynamism. But it does this as a direct critique of theistic historicism and the primitive ‘cargo cult’ of Yahweh in the Old Testament. It is a strange irony: design in historical presides over the demise of the ‘god in history’ concept.

Source: Robert C. Koons: Phl 356 Lecture #16

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