| Ten Years After Occupy, We Have a Left That Matters…???

From marmail: One could not get a better example of the irrelevance of the left than this article, and it is entirely fitting that it appears in Jacobin. Contrary to the inflated fantasies of this article, the “left”, with Jacobin a prime example, is almost entirely irrelevant to what is happening in the working class. On the one side, Trumpism, with all its fantasy life, is rampant. What is the “left” as Jacobin describes it doing?

One could make a similar criticism of Marxism, and Marxists: they have no visible radical movement save a series of a proliferating websites. To be fair, the capitalist regime has succeeded in creatinga crypo-totalitarian system, in the US and elsewhere.

We have suggested over and over again the need for a new brand of postmarxism that can be popular and trustworthy to a public that is served up nineteenth century thinking. At least checik it out.

Our short book The Last Revolution preseents a complete new brand of socialist/neo-communism as a practical reformist/revolutionary platform. Marxists should consider the confusion their theories create in a field where a booklet of around a hundred pages can rewrite the subject.

Source: | Ten Years After Occupy, We Have a Left That Matters

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