‘How Many More People Must Die?’ 

Negotiations over the proposed patent waiver—introduced by India and South Africa and backed by more than 100 WTO members—have dragged on for more than a year, a period during which roughly 3.8 million people worldwide died of Covid-19. Poor countries across the globe, including dozens of African nations, still lack sufficient access to coronavirus vaccines, and campaigners argue a patent waiver is necessary to remove legal barriers and ramp up manufacturing in struggling regions.The Biden administration endorsed the patent waiver in May, but leading E.U. countries and the U.K.—facing heavy lobbying from the pharmaceutical industry—remain opposed to a temporary suspension of intellectual property (IP) rules, which give profit-seeking drug companies near-total control over vaccine manufacturing.

Source: ‘How Many More People Must Die?’ EU, UK Under Fire for Tanking Patent Waiver Talks

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