design is the question, not the answer…//Taking Leave of Darwin: A Longtime Agnostic Discovers the Case for Design, Thomas, Neil, eBook –

The author has a good critique of Darwinism but then lets the ‘design’ argument talk him into the ‘god conclusion’, the ID guided tour to theological endpoints.
The failure of natural selection does indeed suggest design arguments but those are not theological arguments.
As a long-time critic of the natural selection fallacy I nonetheless think that selectionist evolution tries at least to answer the question ID converts forget: how does nature construct designed objects? If not natural selection, then how? To cop out with sudden ‘god’ conversion is cheating, and that is neither theistic nor atheistic. It is a question that rivals quantum physics in its suspected complexity. And I will betcha that lurking in that is a connection. Let’s trot out ‘spoooky physics’, as a likely suspect. The bootstrap issue is one of the main unknowns of science, and theological escape hatch tactics seem less and less convincing, for the simple reason that ‘god’ thinking belongs to another age. It tends to bug people as ‘religion’ lurks in the background of secular humanism. But that is less and less true.
Those who promote the ‘god’ thesis do however remain unrefuted, but the fact remains that they would have to upgrade their god gibberish to a new and intelligible form. You can’t exclaim ‘hey guys, I give up, god did it’ and then inject the Old Testament tribal ‘god’, a savage hyperdemon still demanding blood sacrifices. C’mon, get with the program here.
A good example here is the work of the atheist Schopenhauer. Why can’t just ditch the ‘god’ mumblers and consider the ‘will’ in nature, sorry, Will in nature, behind evolution? But even there we need specifics.
The issues of science reflect levels of technology and the ‘technology’ of nature as an evolutionary design source remains unsolved because we can’t conceive of machines that have design factors, although they are themselves designed. Theology/natural selection distract from trying to resolve the problem, which admittedly isn’t simple: somehow nature bootstraps a process that can direct evolution over eons and is thus the ‘equivalent’ as abstraction to a factory that can produce species. Once we focus on the actual problem we can at least begin to converge on an answer. We may not realize just how far off we are from answers.

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