R48G: the algebra of (virtual, revolutionary) movements on the left: how respond to right-wing militia fascism, as it moves to its coup?


Cf our previous post on Orban, Hungary and …!!…the Republican party…

The onset of fascism in the US is going sooner or later (sooner than we thought Jan 6) or could sooner than later overpower liberal/left/Gandhian/nonviolent resistance
and make the issue of dissent a dead letter.
It is important to consider something that was present from the start on the left long before the Gandhi era: self-defense and counter-fascism. But those who will non-violence must stand their ground and move in parallel, but without illusions.
Even a cursory look at the legacy of early fascism should remind us that this new right will move to liquidate leftists.

Consider our idea of a (r)evolutionary Red Forty-eight Group, our idea of virtual revolution and to that a new idea: virtual membership in a leftist/socialist formation.
The idea of the Red Forty-eight Groups is that of an algebra of movements in the context of the left since the French Revolution and the idea of the Last Revolution.

In the end, the coming chaos, unless I am imagining that, will produce a situation where the strongest movement will take charge: we need to consider, again as a virtual mental exercise, how the left can defend itself from a fascist state including the covert agencies, Zionist gangsters, heavily armed militias, and … Let’s hope that’s the full list (Putin gang?)

I think that Marxists are a core group despite my incessant ‘harassment’ (via email) but need to reform themselves beyond the label, before the dogmas of Marxism, and beyond as such the legacy of Leninism even as its stock rises again. Review the early phase of Bolshevism and the way it slipped out of control. The place of the covert agencies in our time is going to be deadly.

Virtual membership in the R48 Group as an x referring to the spectrum of lefts from the 1848 period, the Last Revolution.

In fact, we might move from virtual to semi-virtual with our Red Forty-eight Group: a socialist movement of the present/future with a platform such as the ‘democratic market neo-communism’ framework: a hybrid liberal/neo-communist eco-socialist and strong connections to feminism, black lives matter groups, and the larger spectrum of ‘left’ activism.

The US is one of the most heavily armed countries in the world, in the whole of history. This situation so far has made a fascist endgame hjghly likely. So on the left the ‘algebra of movements’ in the spectrum of the Red Forty-eight Group, moves from its virtuality: it’s ‘your move’…

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